Benefits of Belonging

AJA currently has a membership of over 2,000 judges from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands. Membership in AJA is open to all present and former judicial officers of an eligible court.

We are diverse ethnicity, culturally and by sexual orientation, We are bench officers in all sorts of courts, Tribal, Administrative, Municipal, State, Provincial, and Federal. Some members hold administrative positions in their courts. Members have found their way to judicial office by merit selection, appointment and by election. Many are retained in our office by some sort of political process. Diversity is our strength. It drives and increases our value speaking more robustly and more clearly as the Voice of the Judiciary and in using our peer mentoring models to Make Better Judges.

An eligible Court is defined as any duly constituted judicial tribunal, serving at the local, community, State, Provincial or National level within the United States, any of its territories and possessions, the District of Columbia and Canada and Mexico, whether having trial or appellate, criminal, civil, or special jurisdiction. Such courts do not become ineligible by reason of being State, Provincial, or territorial Courts or by reason of having jurisdiction beyond the boundaries of the Governmental subdivision in which such courts are located. Courts of Indian Nations of the North American Continent and Magistrates, Masters, Arbitrators, Referees of any eligible judicial tribunal, if otherwise qualified, shall be eligible on the same basis.

Be a better Judge and Get Your Payback Now

AJA MEMBERS receive quarterly issues of Court Review, the journal of the AJA. Edited by judges, each issue tackles current issues challenging to judges. This well-respected publication will enhance your knowledge, skills and practice as a judge. In addition to the research-based articles, the journal includes shorter essays on topics relevant to judges, book reviews, and interviews with people who are making or have had a significant impact in or on the judicial system.

AJA EDUCATES: In addition to the more than 15 qualifying credit hours of professional development and training opportunities offered at our Annual and the 4-6 offered at our mid-year conferences all at low cost offered at great locations and exciting places. AJA offers seminars, programs delivered through live-streaming video and or targeted digital professional development opportunities though our website and other convenient ways to fit continuing judicial education (CJE) into your busy schedule. Get up to speed at your own pace and demand with AJA’s FREE CJE benefit. For available programming go to

AJA SUPPORTS Judges Judicial Families, Wellness and Safety: We are preeminent in learning how to use and marshal the resources and the experience of our members and the network of organizations with which establish collaborations to focus more vigorously matters considered important to Judges, Judicial Families, Wellness and Safety.

Your Payback
  1. AJA membership gives you access to FREE $500 scholarships at the National Judicial College.
  2. AJA has outstanding white papers on key subjects AND YOU GET THEM FREE.
  3. AJA has recognized expertise in the emerging field of procedural fairness, expertise and access to national resources on handling domestic violence, and outstanding webinars on these topics AND YOU CAN ACCESS THEM FREE.
  4. AJA is a judge ONLY organization.
  5. AJA offers you wonderful collegiality and networking opportunities.
  6. AJA membership saves you money whenever you attend conferences which held at desirable locations at affordable rates.
  7. AJA has an outstanding blog focused on subjects of interest to judges.
  8. AJA has a social media presence, too and you are involved.
  9. AJA’s leadership and members are committed to diversity.
  10. AJA is building collaborative links and connections to every national minority organization with a judicial division.
  11. AJA cares about judicial family members and every conference includes them in excellent programming including our law and literature presentations you get this at no cost.
  12. AJA is closely connected to its sister organization, the American Judges Foundation, which supports judicial education programs and national civics education.
  13. AJA gives you the chance to make a difference through a wide variety of AJA committees.
  14. AJA is a national organization, and it is closely affiliated with the other national and Canadian organizations that address justice system issues of concern for state, local and Provincial Judges. The AJA is stake holder with the National Center for State Courts along with other organizations including the Conference of Chief Justices, Conference of State Court Administrators, National Association of State Judicial Educators, National Association for Court Management.
  15. Periodically our education conferences have been held jointly with the Administrative Offices of State Courts and National Association of Women Judges.
  16. AJA gives access to a wide variety of resources to improve the security of judges and family members FOR FREE.
  17. AJA is the Voice of the Judiciary and we speak out with a rational, clear and robust voice.
  18. AJA’s well-regarded Awards make us and recipients proud of their well-deserved recognition.
  19. You now can get discounts on pet insurance and judicial liability insurance (contact Erin Clark); more benefits are coming soon!

American Judges Foundation

The American Judges Foundation is a nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of promoting and improving the Judiciary and Justice by providing financial and other support to projects and groups that promulgate these objectives. We have our roots deep within the American Judges Association, which is the largest association for Judges in North America. 

We strongly urge that you support the American Judges Foundation with your new or renewing membership. With your help the coming year will allow us to provide additional financial support for education or projects improving the Judiciary and Justice.