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Thank you for visiting our home page. We are one of the largest judges association in North America, and proud to include members from all jurisdictions and levels of courts throughout the United States and Canada. We are also closely affiliated with a wide range of other national organizations, including the National Center for State Courts, the National Association of State Judicial Educators, the Conference of Chief Justices, the Conference of State Court Administrators,  the National Association for Court Management and the National Judicial College.


Judge Yvette Mansfield Alexander
Baton Rouge City Court, Louisiana 

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    Member Spotlight

      Judge Sheva M. Sims is a city court judge in Shreveport, Louisiana. She is a lifelong native of the area and has been serving the community for over 25 years. She continues to strive for excellence by teaching and educating the members of her community.


    Webinar: Digital Evidence & The Evolving Court Record

      COVID has transformed the way courts operate with virtual hearings and trials. This webinar covered a range of topics relevant to courts that want to modernize the way they manage exhibits and evidence, not only in the virtual courtroom but when in person proceedings resume.


    Webinar: The Role of the Judiciary in Preserving Our Constitutional Democracy As Seen in the 2020 Presidential Election

      This webinar examined how dozens of judges fulfilled their obligation to rule impartially on these challenges and what we as members of the judiciary can do to preserve judicial independence.




    New Materials for Procedural Fairness

      AJA has done 11 interviews with leading figures nationally on how to improve perceptions of fairness in our courts.

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    Updated Judicial Education Course

      AJA is pleased to offer complimentary, comprehensive, web-based domestic violence (DV) education for new and experienced judges. In "Effective Adjudication of Domestic Abuse Cases," an avatar judge will lead you, at your own pace, through five interactive modules featuring leading DV experts from the U.S. and Canada. Produced by the National Center for State Courts, the modules address the dynamics of DV, civil protection orders, custody and DV, special evidentiary issues, and sentencing.

      Completion of all five modules entitles the viewer to a certificate that may be used to seek continuing legal education credits.


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    Latest News

    • AJA announces GET INVOLVED, an ambitious new membership development campaign
      In a recent message to every current AJA member, President, Justice Robert Torres (Guam Supreme Count) announced the launch of Get Involved, the Association’s ambitious program to double the size of its membership. In doing so he said: “If AJA is to continue to be the pre-eminent voice of the judiciary, we will need every existing member to GET INVOLVED  in this ambitious campaign. We simply must have more members to assume key roles in the organization for  AJA to effectively continue to develop our well-respected brands of:  Judicial Excellence, Procedural Fairness, Making Better Judges, and advocate  for independent, accessible and fair courts. Getting and keeping judges involved in a member-driven, judges-only professional association is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge.  If AJA is to succeed in this ambitious membership development campaign, every current AJA member must GET INVOLVED.”

      To make it easier for AJA members to GET INVOLVED, they will be provided with a straightforward toolkit outlining what each member can do in less than 10 minutes to recruit judges to join AJA.


    • Canadian judge gave specific note to the usefulness of Judge Wayne Gorman’s piece in Court Review on the Canadian law of bail.

    • The AJA Executive Committee recently endorsed two resolutions. The first supports due process and judicial independence in Turkey, and the second looks at various aspects of the issue of pre-trial release.

    • AJA adopts latest white paper on procedural fairness The American Judges Association, at its annual conference in Seattle, adopted the latest in a series of white papers focusing on procedural fairness.  The paper, “The Judge is the Key Component:  The Importance of Procedural Fairness in Drug-Treatment Courts,” can be found here

    • Judges Invited to Join Adult and Juvenile Cases Listserv
      The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) invites all judges who preside over adult and juvenile cases involving community supervision, including pre-trial and probation, to join a listserv.  This listserv will serve as a secure and confidential means for judges across the country to engage in open discussions about current local and national issues in community supervision.  Judges and the NCSC will have the ability to post informational items as well as to pose questions to other listserv members and engage in discussions.  To join the listserv, send an e-mail to  In the body of the message, type:  join Judges-CommunitySupervision.  Then follow the instructions in the return message to confirm the request.  Please contact Michelle White at with any questions or for additional information.

    • AJA announces completion of an updated booklet for judges on domestic violence - Domestic Violence and the Courtroom, Knowing the Issues... Understanding the Victim.

    Upcoming Events


    2022 Annual Conference
    August 28-31, 2022

2022 Annual Conference

August 28-31