2019 Annual Conference - Conference Materials

Watch Education Sessions

Diversity and Deliverative Decision-Making

Hon. Donald Johnson, Hon. Joseph G. McGraw and Dr. Andrea Miller, PhD, JD

What do psychologists know about implicit bias?

Immigrant Crime Victims and Immigrant Children

Judge Rosemary Collins (Ret.) and Leslye E. Orloff

National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project

SJI and Judicial Training Network Training Materials

Is That Admissible? What Judges Need to Know About Social Media & Technology Evidence in Domestic Violence Cases

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and National Network to End Domestic Violence

Cyberviolence Judicial Workshop Additional Resources

Technology Functions, Security & Access: A Tool for Judges

Technology Guide for Judges

Judicial Ethics in a Virtual World

Justice Michael B. Hyman, Prof. Kevin L. Hopkins, Justice Robert J. Torres, and Keith R. Fisher

Top 10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Judges

Citations to Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinions on Social Media

Law & Literature

Justice David Ellis

LGBTQ Law and Your Courtroom

Hon. James E. Snyder, Hon. D. Zeke Zeidler and Prof. Todd Brower

Links to recent Supreme Court LGBTQ Cases and Materials

Useful Links for Transgender Data and Reports

Marijuana and Driving

Judge Mary A. Celeste, Prosecutor David Cutshall, Defense Attorney Jeff Gard, and Toxicologist Dr. Jerry Leikin

The Impact of the Gerhardt Decision on Marijuana Driving Cases

Supreme Court of the United States, Mitchell v. Wisconsin

National Opioid Task Force

Tools and Resources for Courts

The Opioid Crisis & the Criminal Justice System

Hon. George Grasso, Maria Almonte-Weston and Hon. Charles P. Burns

Bronx Community Solutions: Overdose Avoidance and Recovery (OAR COURT)

SG's Story (video)

Social Media & Judicial Independence

Judge Kathleen Pantle (ret.), Judge LaDoris Hazzard Cordell, Judge Raymond McKoski and Rick Tulsky

As Cook County Judge Coghlan seeks retention, concerns over lawsuit, rulings

Code Provisions

Commission on Judicial Performance Closes Investigation of Judge Aaron Persky

Cotchett Letter

Controversial Cook County criminal judge appointed to immigrant court judicial seat

Dauber's Tweet

Excerpt from The Political Activities of Judges: Historical, Constitutional, and Self-Preservation Perspectives

Injustice Watch Mission

Judges in Street Clothes

Lawyer appointed as Cook County judge despite losing election, past judicial scoldings

Letter to the Editor: The Politicization of the San Francisco Superior Court

Pattern of misstated facts found in opinions of renowned U.S. Judge Easterbrook

Persky Fundraising Letter

Warning Letter

Supreme Court Update

Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky

Wellness and Resilience

Judge Jeremy D. Fogel

Baby Judge School

Building and Maintaining Supportive Relationships Between Judicial Officers and Their Loved Ones

The Human Side of Judging

Judicial Wellness: The Ups and Downs of Sitting New York Judges

Mindfulness and Judging

Winning the War Against High-Risk Impaired Drivers

Judge Lisa Wilson, Erin Holmes and Mark Stodola