AJA American Gavel Awards

The American Gavel Award for Distinguished Reporting about the Judiciary was created in 2009 to recognize the highest standards of reporting about courts and the justice system. The award recognizes legal journalism at its best, and highlights the importance of journalism in educating the public about the legal system and the fundamental principles and values upon which that system is based.

Harold V. Froehlich Award for Judicial Courage

The American Judges Association created The Harold Froehlich Award for Judicial Courage in 2013 to recognize the highest level of judicial courage in the service of justice.  The award is meant to honor a judge who makes fair and impartial judgments in accord with the rule of law exercising independence from personal consequence. The award will be given at AJA’s annual meetings.

American Judges Association Awards

Chief Justice Richard W. Holmes Award of Merit
"To a judge for outstanding contributions to the judiciary."

Judge William H. Burnett Award
"To an AJA member for outstanding service to the Association."

Nachtigal Award
"To a non-judge who has made a substantial contribution toward improving the judiciary."

Judge Elliott Zide Award
"To recognize significant contributions to Judicial Education by a member of AJA."


Judge Libby Hines Domestic Violence Award

“To a judge for significant contributions for an effective judicial response to domestic violence.”

Previous Award Recipients