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The American Judges Foundation is a non- profit corporation which provides financial support to improve the Judiciary and Justice. The Foundation provides members of the American Judges Association with scholarships, based on need, to attend the National Judicial College and other educational programs..

In addition, the American Judges Foundation supports civic education and educational organizations for youth such as the Center for Civic Education and its “We the People” program. The Foundation will provide an annual essay contest on topics related to the promotion of justice. The contest will be for high school students in the host city of the Annual American Judges Conference. Scholarships will be awarded to winners of the contest.

We plan to expand our efforts to promote judicial education as well as civic education for children and young adults. We hope you will join the American Judges Foundation in its efforts to educate and thereby improve our system of justice. I am looking forward to serving as President in 2023.

Judge Susan Jonas, Retired
President of AJF



The American Judges Foundation is a nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of promoting and improving the Judiciary and Justice by providing financial and other support to projects and groups that promulgate these objectives. We have our roots deep within the American Judges Association, which is the largest association for Judges in North America.

We strongly urge that you support the American Judges Foundation with your new or renewing membership. With your help the coming year will allow us to provide additional financial support for education or projects improving the Judiciary and Justice.


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