2018 Annual Conference - Conference Materials

U.S. Supreme Court Update

The Problem with Juror Unconscious Bias and Possible Solutions

Unconscious Bias Juror Video
U.S. District Court Produces Video, Drafts Jury Instructions on Implicit Bias

Right to Counsel

Justice Speakers Institute

Youth and Marijuana

Bail Reform, Judicial Implicit Bias, and Risk Assessments

List of Resources

Youth and Marijuana

Developments in Hawaiian Native Law

From Wai to Waiwai: Developments in Hawai'i Water Law
Traditional and Customary Practices (Hawaiian Usage)
Developments in Native Hawaiian Law: Ea - Cultural and Political Self-Determination

The State of the State Courts

Survey Results

When Perpetrators are Parents

How to Understand Child Safety and Well-Being in the Context of Domestic Violence

Ola Lokahi: Finding Judicial Balance and Renewal

Ola Lokahi Slideshow
Relax, I Got This!
Does the Black Robe Protect Us from Burnout?
Judicial Wellness: Vicarious Trauma and Secondary Traumatic Stress in Judges
Experiencing Cancer

Police-Worn Body Cameras

North Carolina Law Review Article

Law & Literature: Between Sky and Sea: A Family's Struggle


Speaker Bios

List of Presenters & Bios